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Empower Your Team To Increase Conversion And Expansion

Focus on leads that matter

  • Manage your signups
  • Product Qualified Leads
  • Onboard your trials

New types of sales funnels require imroved pipeline solutions

In a ProductLed world, managing signups can be quite complex.

Salesmachine is introducing a revlolutionary product-led pipeline solution to help you manage and convert more trials into paying customers.

Identify and score your best sales opportunities

Your team is missing data to prioritize actions and wastes time on unqualified leads.

Salesmachine allows you to focus on the best opportunities based on Customer Fit and Product Adoption to convert more trials with less effort.

Increase your leads' product adoption and engagement

Automate engagement to increase product adoption. 

Boost product engagement for low adoption customers, with onboarding sequences and feature education emails using Workflows.

Popular Features

Icone manage your signup

Improve you sales process with companies and contacts organized in a pipeline by stages in table or column view from new trial signups, product engaged user up to sales qualified.

Icone 360 profile
Lead scoring

Surface your best sales opportunities with Customer Fit and Product Adoption scores to sort PQL. Easily personalize your scoring based on your ideal customer firmographics and product usage behavior conditions.

Icone email for onboarding
Event-triggered automated

Engage with the right lead at the right time with the right context with automated e-mail campaigns based on customer behavior. Target specific types of accounts and maximise your impact according to your user's profile with account-based marketing automation.

Icone manage your signup
Drag and Drop

Visualize the progress you make by dragging and dropping your contacts and companies though the pipeline stages up to conversion.

Icone 360 profile
Qualified Lead Matrix

No more guesswork involved. Use the PQL Matrix to sort your leads. Save time converting your top leads while focusing on boosting product engagement for low adoption customers.

Icone email for onboarding
Automated Playbooks

Make your life easier by knowing what to do and acting accordingly when a user changes behavior or enters a specific stage of your onboarding process. Just personalize your stages, events and conditions to segment filter your customer base.

Icone manage your signup
Segment filter

Easily filter by segment (default and custom) and/or user to increase your focus.

Icone 360 profile
Alerts and Notifications

Know the second a user becomes a Product Qualified Lead so you can follow up at exactly the right time and close deals faster. Alerts and notifications can be set up in multiple channels such as Slack, e-mail etc.

Icone email for onboarding
Task assignment

Gain efficiency and better involve your team mates by assigning tasks to them.

Salesmachine core features

Get a unified view of your user base at contact and account level

Bring together multiple data sources such as CRM, billing, support ticketing system, and product usage into a unified view of your uses.

Increase alignment and collaboration across all product-led teams

Use the Unified Inbox to collaborate cross-functionally across pre and post-sale teams to ensure customers reach their desired outcomes.

Nurture Unique Relationships At Scale

Dramatically increase customer engagement using automated Workflows for your bespoke target campaigns to reach out to the right customers, at scale.

360° Profiles
Unified Inbox

Frequently asked questions

What is product-led sales?

Product-led sales is a customer-centric method of reducing friction in the sales cycle. It can accelerate the funnel by creating well-qualified prospects no matter where they are in their buyer’s journey.

Product usage data and scores are used to enhance the sales team knowledge and power actions that have more impact. Depending on the company type and organization, product-led sales may vary a little – but should be seen as a very enriched sales process.

Product Qualified Leads are at the core of product-led sales.

What difference between Salesmachine and traditional CRMs?

Traditional CRMs and Salesmachine are very different in process, function and design.

CRMs are softwares that gather (inputs or imports) and store static customer data from multiple channels.

Salesmachine is a product-led sales solution that surfaces the best leads by scoring a combination of customer and behavior data.

How can I integrate the Salesmachine to my CRM?

Integrating Salesmachine to your CRM is a totally seamless process.

Once done, we'll be able to extract your CRM data and send Salesmachine pushes directly into it. Check our integration page.

Is it possible to install Salesmachine without the help of a developer?

Absolutely! Salesmachine has native integrations with infrastructure softwares such as Segment and Intercom. Connecting your data only takes a few minutes.