Turn product usage into Sales and Customer Success actions

Salesmachine empowers sales and success teams with actionable insights and automation to increase Trial conversion and Customer Adoption.

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+200 B2B SaaS businesses trust Salesmachine to grow faster


Focus on qualified accounts to convert more trials

Stop wasting your time on unqualified leads. Salesmachine allows you to focus on the best opportunities based on customer fit and product adoption to convert more trials with less effort.

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Engage with the right customer at the right time to increase adoption

Your customer success teams needs actionable insights to engage with the right customers at the right time. Salesmachine identifies risks and key behaviour to orchestrate exceptional interactions.

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A new kind of platform that aligns your revenue teams around customer success

Collect in one place relevant customer information

Stop switching between CRM, Chat, Helpdesk, Email and spreadsheets to find customer information, Salesmachine shows you a complete view of your customer: product usage, conversations, support tickets, satisfaction, sales and subscriptions data.

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Integrated in your team’s workflow

Salesmachine brings unprecedented actionable insights where your revenue teams works. They can work smarter without changing their processes or tools.

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