Increase Your Trial conversion

Identify your best leads and increase their product adoption to maximize trial conversion at scale

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Trial conversion | Salesmachine Inc.

Identify Your Best Leads And Proactively Increase Their Product Adoption

Your Team Is Missing Data To Prioritize Their Calls And Wastes Time On Unqualified Leads. Salesmachine Allows You To Focus On The Best Opportunities Based On Customer Fit And Product Adoption To Convert More Trials With Less Effort.


Stop missing on the most qualified leads

See what top accounts and users are doing in your product, how far along their journey they’ve come, and whether or not they need your team’s help.

Combine Customer fit score and Product adoption score to identify Product Qualified Leads (PQL).

Trial conversion | Salesmachine Inc.
Trial conversion | Salesmachine Inc.

Get in line when a trial is qualified.

Improve the performance of your reps by showing them the prospects and opportunities with the strongest signals.

Notify your sales team in CRM, Email or Slack when a new qualified trial is detected and assign tasks using Playbooks.


Make the most out of your best leads.

Automate engagement to increase product adoption

Boost product engagement for low adoption customers, with onboarding sequences and feature education emails using Workflows.

Trial conversion | Salesmachine Inc.