Product-Led Growth for Sales teams

Empower your team to increase conversion and expansion

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Sales Teams | Salesmachine Inc.

Focus on your best leads and increase your revenues

Sales teams efforts can be limitless, so best results come from qualification and focus. Salesmachine enables sales teams with a unified solution that will qualify & alert on the best leads and expansion opportunities while helping you organize your efforts.


Connect the dots between user behavior and sales opportunities.

See what top accounts and users are doing in your product, how far along their journey they’ve come, and whether or not they need your team’s involvement to convert.

Surface the best opportunities for expansion in your customer base.

Sales Teams | Salesmachine Inc.
alignment and focus

Get your priorities straight

Improve the performance of your reps by showing them the prospects and opportunities with the strongest signals.

Look into individual accounts to identify the best path for upsell based on factors such as current products purchased, usage and health.


Transform best opportunities at scale

Create detailed account plans to execute more consistently and power growth in your customer base and assign tasks to team members.

Unify behavioral, contextual and transactional data across users, accounts or custom segments to engage at scale with high potential users.