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Uncover the best leads who are using your product.

Your sales team is missing data it needs to prioritize sales actions. They waste time on unqualified leads and miss high-potential leads. Salesmachine identifies the best opportunities based on customer behavior and automate actions to close more deals with less effort.

Improve lead qualification by identifying PQLs, the best leads based on in-app behavior.

Use Product Qualified Leads (PQL) to identify the best opportunities based on customer behavior, usage frequency, feature activation, NPS and more signals.

Automatically send emails or create tasks in CRM for your sales team

When a new qualified lead is detected, Salesmachine can automatically send emails, create tasks in your CRM, send you a notification. It’s your personal assistant filling your calendar and inbox with qualified leads to close.

Account-based approach

Salesmachine identifies the best contacts to reach out within the account based on role, behavior or usage activity to maximize your chance to close.

Receive Slack notifications when the best leads are online.

Timing is everything! Salesmachine sends you Slack notifications when qualified leads are online or perform key actions so you can reach out at the best possible time.

Follow your customers after closing. Identify the best referrals.

Are you wondering if your customer really adopt the solution after you closed them? Salesmachine allows you to follow the health of your customers across the customer journey.

Complement your CRM with actionable data.

No data entry, automatically enrich your CRM with actionable data to close more deals.

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