Find your best leads to increase your revenues.

Salesmachine turns your product into a revenue machine by uncovering your top PQLs and automating your conversion campaigns.

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Qualified trials
Qualified Trials

Boost your revenues.

Focus on leads that matter: Accelerate the revenue funnel by creating well-qualified prospects no matter where they are in the buyer’s journey.

Salesmachine allows you to surface & focus on the best opportunities based on Customer Fit and Product Adoption to convert more trials with less effort.
Self-serve conversion.
+ 250%
Qualified demo requests.
Closing rate.

Focus on leads that matter.

Identify and score your best sales opportunities.

Your team is missing data to prioritize actions and wastes time on unqualified leads.
Scoring builder: Salesmachine offers the most powerful Score builder, enabling you to build 100% custom and flexible Scores. Easily personalize your scoring based on your ideal customer firmographics and product usage behavior conditions.
Product Qualified Leads: Salesmachine allows you to focus on the best opportunities based on Customer Fit and Product Adoption to convert more trials with less effort.
Customer Fit Score
Matrice Product Qualified Lead
Notification Slack Intercom

Stay in the loop.

Know the second a user becomes a Product Qualified Lead so you can follow up at exactly the right time and close deals faster.
Alerts & Notifications: They can be set up in multiple channels such as Slack, e-mail etc.

Automate engagement to increase product adoption.

Engage with the right lead at the right time with the right context with automated e-mail campaigns based on customer behavior.
Automated Workflows: Boost product engagement for low adoption customers, with onboarding sequences and feature education emails.
Automated email sequences: Target specific types of accounts and maximise your impact according to your user's profile with account-based marketing automation.
Email campaign
Email campaign

Most Popular Features

360° Profiles
In one screen visualize contact and account profile information.
Health Scores
Identify the Health of each customer at each stage of their journey.
Create powerful dashboards with predefined widgets.
Get notifications on major events via Email, Slack.
Unified Inbox
Centralize all customers activities and exchanges in one place.
Integrate with major CRM, HelpDesk, No coding required

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