Learn about your users.

Salesmachine helps you understand user behavior with all-in-one-place metrics, trends and KPIs dashboards.

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Over 200+ teams worldwide rely on us.

Fuel your growth with product usage data.

Accessible product-led analytics to convert, engage, and retain more users: Zoom in user behavior trends, see how often users perform meaningful actions, monitor growth of key user groups, like power users, and know how current trends compare to previous results.

Salesmachine makes product analytics accessible to anyone - to answer all questions related to how your product is used, who your customers are, what they like, what they think.

Surface hidden trends.

Understand user behavior with all-in-one-place metrics, trends and KPIs.

Pre-built templates: Use Salesmachine SaaS dashboards to monitor all of your product's key performance indicators in one place.
Custom builder: Unlike business intelligence (BI) dashboards, they're easy to customize and the data updates in real time, so your whole team can make decisions with the latest numbers.

Filter and analyze groups of accounts or contacts

Know what works and leverage your data to constantly improve.
Cohort analysis: Visualize differences in cohort behaviors and analyze how these differences affect engagement, conversion, and retention—quickly and easily.
Custom segments: Segment on any attribute,cohort, or action to perform the most sophisticated analysis.

Assess your B2B account health.

Salesmachine aggregates contacts events to their accounts.
Account lifecycle: Track the customer journey for key accounts and focus on health and behaviors at the most critical stages.
Cohort behavior: With deeper engagement and retention insights, you can better understand customer adoption and spot accounts ripe for an additional training session.

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Most Popular Features

360° Profiles
In one screen visualize contact and account profile information.
Health Scores
Identify the Health of each customer at each stage of their journey.
Create powerful dashboards with predefined widgets.
Get notifications on major events via Email, Slack.
Unified Inbox
Centralize all customers activities and exchanges in one place.
Integrate with major CRM, HelpDesk, No coding required

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