Launching TRACK - Free SaaS metrics dashboards for Product-Led Teams

Account-based analytics for Product teams

Salesmachine unlocks the power of account-based product usage metrics to help you enhance customer experience at company level

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Product Teams | Salesmachine Inc.

Build a product that fit your actual customers' needs

Your customers are in your product, meet them there. Improve your customer’s experience by uncovering account-based behavior analytics.


Get the strong product knowledge you need.

Centralize all of your product data into a single, 360-degree view.

Unify behavioral, contextual and transactional data across users, accounts or custom segments for a more complete view.

Make better decisions with fully integrated reports designed to help you measure and visualize all essential aspects of your user experience.

Product Teams | Salesmachine Inc.
Product Teams | Salesmachine Inc.

Show them what you've got.

Personalize the product experience for every user at scale with contextual and timely engagements.

Accelerate product adoption by putting a spotlight on new or critical features and then guiding users at scale on how to use it.

Reduce product escalations by enabling users to learn your product while finding the answers to common questions without ever needing to contact support.