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TRACK by Salesmachine

Actionable product analytics for all SaaS teams

Instant view of your customer data & growth-essential metrics

  • Metrics Dashboards
  • 360° User Profiles
  • Alerts & Notifications

Your company's vitals - at a glance

Pre-built dashboards templates displaying real time usage metrics at contact and company level.Dahboard of SaaS metrics

Your customers's essentials all-in-one place

Retrieve all essential past and current knowledge and updates about your contacts and accounts, from basic information to health status and latest notification.

Never miss on a customer update

Get instant notifications and alerts directly in your emails, Slack, and customer profiles whenever we detect a change on the user's side.


Awesome Features

Icone Dashboard
Product metrics

Instant view of key usage metrics such as: DAU/WAU/MAU; Feature Usage, Event variations, License Utilization...

Icone 360 profile
User activity

A heat map showing active accounts and contacts on a daily basis.

Icone notifications and alerts
Slack integration

Get instant notification of a customer update or metric milestone directly in Slack.

Icone Dashboard
Revenue Metrics

Forget spreadsheets and opt for real-time screens showing MRR, ARPA, ARPU etc.

Icone 360 profile
User information

All accounts and contacts essentials such as contract, renewal date, admin, stage and health - all-in-one place.

Icone notifications and alerts

Create bundles of contacts and accounts after certain criteria and filter your view and actions accordingly.

Icone Dashboard
Lifecycle Metrics

Customer behavior desplayed according to important stages of the customer journey: product qualified leads scoring, signups conversion rate etc.

Icone 360 profile
User updates

Real-time updates in a dedicated section of the 360° customer profiles. So that you stay in the know.

Icone notifications and alerts
Pre-built automation

Be automatically alerted in your email inbox or Slack whenever there is a change in stage, segment or milestone in your customer base

Salesmachine core features

Get a unified view of your user base at contact and account level

Bring together multiple data sources such as CRM, billing, support ticketing system, and product usage into a unified view of your uses.

Increase alignment and collaboration across all product-led teams

Use the Unified Inbox to collaborate cross-functionally across pre and post-sale teams to ensure customers reach their desired outcomes.

Nurture Unique Relationships At Scale

Dramatically increase customer engagement using automated Workflows for your bespoke target campaigns to reach out to the right customers, at scale.

360° Profiles
Unified Inbox

Frequently asked questions

What are PLG metrics?

Your Product-Led Growth metrics are the essential data that must be easily accessible to all SaaS company's team mates in order to create efficient growth strategy.

Is Salesmachine freemium only fit for early stage companies?

We don't believe so. If it is true that early stage startups must track performance closely, this should never cease to be the case. We are convinced by the necessity of a user-friendly tool that enables all teams - small & big - to access their growth-essential data and metrics.

Why do we offer so much for free?

In order to grow fast, SaaS startups must launch with reliable product metrics at hand, as soon as possible. Because, the earlier they will start relying on their product data, the better it will be at scale. We believe that early-stage SaaS startups should nevertheless be able to keep a live track of their growth-essential metrics at all times.

I already have an analytics solution, why should I also signup to Salesmachine freemium?

Absolutely! You'll enjoy a totally different experience. Salesmachine freemium is a totally plug and play experience - only focusing on your most essential data. It is especially useful to teams that are not used to using analytics solution to their full capabilities. Now you may ask: "Was there already on the market solutions that helped companies keep a live track of their growth-essential metrics?" Yes and No. Never so simple, never so actionable. So we built it.