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The first Product-Led Customer Success solution

Success For Your Customers Is Growth For You

Deliver your customers desired outcome

  • Onboard Customers
  • Manage satisfaction
  • Renewals & Expansion

Make sure you're off to a good start with your customers

Automate Customer Success onboarding process and boost product engagement for low adoption customers with feature education emails using Workflows, and Playbooks for onboarding sequences.

Success For Your Customers Is Growth For You

Transform your retention strategy and transition from reactive to proactive to foster your customer's loyalty. Salesmachine will help you prevent churn by ringing the bell on at-risk accounts, and consistently actuvating your team's response at scale.

Secure future revenues now

Reccuring impact is key to your success. Salesmachine provides the assets and tools to drive your customers to value, making sure you know when there is a churn risk, an expansion opportunity or simply when your customers need you.

Popular Features

Icone email onboarding
Automated Workflows

Engage with your customers with automated e-mail campaigns based on customer behavior. Target specific segments of accounts and maximise your impact according to your customers' profiles.

Icone satisfaction
NPS surveys

Understand your customer base better by sending out satisfaction surveys and assessing results directly in your application.

Icone renewal
Customer lifecycles

Design powerful customer lifecycle to drive your product adoption and customer success based on what success means to your customers, your bespoke recipe to customer success at every stage of your customer journey.

Icone email onboarding
Automated Playbooks

Make your life easier by knowing and automatically motion a process based on best practice at every stage of your customers' onboarding. Just personalize your stages events and attributes to segment filter your customer base as you roll-in.

Icone satisfaction
Dynamic segmentation

Don't miss out on details by creating conditions for grouping your customer base according to satisfaction, health or history. Segments are dynamic and automated.

Icone renewal
Health scores

Evaluate you customer's success by building health scores based on multi-dimension information like product usage, support tickets, revenue data or any customer data.

Icone email onboarding
Task assignments

Gain efficiency and better involve your team mates by assigning tasks to them.

Icone satisfaction
Account-based satisfaction

Create multi-dimensional satisfaction campaigns (NPS, CSat) and aggregate data at account-level to increase your impact on satisfaction.

Icone renewal
Alerts & Notifications

Be reminded of accounts renewals to anticipate upcoming discussions and run the process smoothly. Alerts and notifications can be set up in multiple channels such as Slack, e-mail etc.

Salesmachine core features

Get a unified view of your user base at contact and account level

Bring together multiple data sources such as CRM, billing, support ticketing system, and product usage into a unified view of your uses.

Increase alignment and collaboration across all product-led teams

Use the Unified Inbox to collaborate cross-functionally across pre and post-sale teams to ensure customers reach their desired outcomes.

Nurture Unique Relationships At Scale

Dramatically increase customer engagement using automated Workflows for your bespoke target campaigns to reach out to the right customers, at scale.

360° Profiles
Unified Inbox

Frequently asked questions

What is product-led Customer Success?

Product-led Customer Success is a strategy that allows companies to offer all its users the same CS experience that was previously reserved for the highest value enterprise accounts.

In this case, the product becomes the source and vehicle for value creation.

Naturally, you need to understand your product usage at the deepest level before you can start using product-led strategies to drive positive business outcomes.

From the moment it’s installed, Salesmachine collects and analyzes usage data in real time.

What is the difference between Salesmachine and other Customer Success solutions?

Salesmachine is the most expansive customer success solution currently on the market.

It covers the full scope of expertise of customer success teams, from signup to churn analysis and win-back actions.

It makes your customers’ data and behavior truly actionable.

It allows you to work at both Contact and Account level (scores, automations, tasks creation).

The granularity of product usage analysis enables you to act with precision on your customer experience.

We believe in the reconciliation of personalization and scalability when it comes to the proactive actions of the customer success teams.

This is made possible by the combination of precise customer behavior analytics and powerful automated tools.

Is Salesmachine best for low touch or high touch strategies?

Salesmachine works it's magic in both ways.

Real-time processing makes it possible to automate complex actions for low and medium touch companies (activation, education, nurturing, dunning process)

All automations provide your team highly valuable assets to lean on as to keep your customers educated and active for each tiers.

Salesmachine productivity and collaboration tools will help your team be more pro-active and customer centric for hight touch.

Is it possible to set-up Salesmachine without the help of a developer?

Absolutely! Salesmachine has native integrations with infrastructure softwares such as Segment and Intercom. Connecting your data only takes a few minutes.