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Free Saas metrics dashboards

SaaS Metrics Dashboards, 
 instant view of contact & company usage

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  • 5000 contacts included
  • 2.5 millions events / month

Salesmachine Pricing FAQs

What is the difference between contacts and accounts?

A contact represents a user of your application. An account represents a group of users using your application together (usually an account represents a company).

What is the difference between visitors and seats?

Seats represent real users that work inside Salesmachine. Visitors only have access to the main Dashboards and can view the customer profiles.

How do I install Salesmachine in my app?

It is as simple as adding a Google Analytics javascript. If you're already using Segment.com, Intercom, you can send live customer data in a single click.

Why A Free Plan?

In order to democratize Customer Success for all SaaS companies, we think that all starts with the right data and metrics.

Why Should I Regularly Connect To Salesmachine In Free Plan?

We are processing your data. We feel that if you or your team don’t connect in 30 days this means you don’t see the value.

Is Salesmachine Really Real-Time?

Totally! You can view customer’s events and analytics as they happen in real-time. Salesmachine also triggers tasks, alerts, and notifications in real-time.

Are There Any Setup Fees?

No. Unlike other platforms, we don’t charge anything for the setup. Salesmachine is totally self-service, super easy-to-use and our support team is here to help you.

How Does The 14-Days Trial Work?

Once you sign up to Salesmachine, you are on a free plan. At any time you can activate a 14-days period to evaluate our Grow features. Schedule a demo to know more about our Scale features.

What Happen After My 14 Days Trial?

Your will be downgraded to a free plan and the 5000 most active contacts will be kept the others will be archived.