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Automate account level engagement to drive growth.

Salesmachine coordinates digital engagement and team actions at the account level to deliver a personalized experience at scale. Finally account level analytics and engagement for product and growth team. Salesmachine helps you orchestrate every step of the lifecycle to give a personalized experience at scale.

Make data-driven decisions with account-level insights.

Finally discover which features drive account adoption and what are their impact on your revenue. Vizualise all your metrics in one beautiful dashboard.

Target account behavior, not just user behavior.

Segment accounts based on usage data or any data collected in Salesmachine to create ultra-targeted group of customers

Automate engagement to improve onboarding and increase adoption.

Define multi-steps workflow to deliver personalized emails, in-app messages, sales call or any action available in Salesmachine to drive customers to adoption.

Adapt your messages to every contact within the account.

All end-users of an account do not have the same goal, Salesmachine finally makes it easy to send messages to targeted end-users within accounts. For example: send reactivation messages to inactive end-users of the account, send configuration emails only to administrators, send sales emails to the account owner, etc.

Coordinate actions between teams and tools.

Salesmachine is an open platform, create actions in 3rd parties services like Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive, Intercom to coordinate actions between the different teams interacting with your customers.

Measure the results of your strategies.

Demonstrate the value of your actions. Measure the real impact of your Salesmachine strategies on your revenue, customer health, churn and more.

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