Product Usage

Track product usage to know the truth

Salesmachine centralizes product usage and all customer information into a single customer profile.

Playbook onboarding

Track key features adoption for every customer

Centralize information in one profile. Salesmachine collect and receive customer information from Platforms, CRM, NPS, Billing and consolidate them in one place.

SaaS metrics

Track account-based usage to understand the big picture

Your revenue teams needs to leverage product usage to convert and retain more customers. With Salesmachine they can instantly access product usage in a centralize and easy to use platform.

Playbook segmentation

Segment customers based on product usage combined with other key info

Salesmachine core features

Get a unified view of your user base at contact and account level

Bring together multiple data sources such as CRM, billing, support ticketing system, and product usage into a unified view of your uses.

Increase alignment and collaboration across all product-led teams

Use the Unified Inbox to collaborate cross-functionally across pre and post-sale teams to ensure customers reach their desired outcomes.

Nurture Unique Relationships At Scale

Dramatically increase customer engagement using automated Workflows for your bespoke target campaigns to reach out to the right customers, at scale.

360° Profiles
Unified Inbox