Power tools for Customer Success teams

Empower your team to deliver your customers' desired outcome with a product-led customer success platform

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Customer Success Teams | Salesmachine Inc.

Success for your customers is growth for you

Reccuring impact is key to your success. Salesmachine provides the assets and tools to drive your customers to value, making sure you know when there is a churn risk, an expansion opportunity or simply when your customers need you.


Get the knowledge you need

Centralize all of your customer data into a single, 360-degree view

Quickly identify critical risks and opportunities in your customer base

Demonstrate how your team’s activities translate into customer impact

Customer Success Teams | Salesmachine Inc.

Optimize you efforts by organizing your work around real insights

Focus your time on the right tasks with data-driven alerts and prioritization

Access a unified workspace centralizing all customer interaction pre and post sales.


Reconcile Scalability and Personalization

Facilitate your actions by leveraging this knowledge using Advanced Segmentation across your entire customer journey.

Dramatically increase customer engagement using automated Workflows for your bespoke target campaigns to reach out to the right customers, at scale.

Customer Success Teams | Salesmachine Inc.