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Who, when, how and why to engage a customer?

Your customer success team is missing data to prioritize their actions. Salesmachine identifies risks and opportunities based on customer behavior and automatically creates tasks and alerts.

Identify risks and opportunities to proactively engage with your customers

Salesmachine turns data into actionable health scores. Salesmachine identifies risks and opportunities based on customer behavior and create automatically tasks and alerts so you customer success team always know what to do.

Follow customers across their lifecycle

A customer in the Onboarding lifecycle stage should not be treated the same way than a customer in the Renewal lifecycle stage. Salesmachine allows you to group customers across the different stages of the customer journey.

Get an holistic view of every account

Your customer data and conversations are spread across different systems. Salesmachine aggregates everything into 360° profile views to deliver actionable insights for every customer.

Provide a dedicated workspace to your CSMs

Salesmachine Inbox is the all-in-one workspace for CSMs to manage customer relationships. Managing all their work in one single place will make your CSMs more productive.

Standardize your processes with playbooks

Consistently deliver best-in-class customer success with Playbooks. Help your team work smarter and more efficiently with proactive pre-defined processes based on customer lifecycle and behavior.

Automate engagement

Automate customer engagement and actions at scale based on customer behavior to grow your customers at every stage of the customer journey.

Measure CSMs and overall team's performance

Know how your processes and CSMs are performing overtime and learn their impact on your business.

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