Churn Forecast Made Easy​

Surface at-risk customers And Take Proactive Actions To Prevent Churn At Every Step Of Their Journey

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Customer Retention | Salesmachine Inc.

Stop churn hindering your Product-led growth

Transform your retention strategy and transition from reactive to proactive to foster your customer’s loyalty. Salesmachine will help you prevent churn by ringing the bell on at-risk customers, and consistently activating your team’s response at scale.


Be on top of your customers' health

Leverage the power of product analytics to create health scores based on your customer behavior.

Proactively engage your customer when a risk or an opportunity is detected across the entire customer journey.

Automatically manage your customer lifecycle to adapt your team’s engagement according to the stage there are in, from onboarding to renewal.

Customer Retention | Salesmachine Inc.
Customer Retention | Salesmachine Inc.

Know what is happening when it is happening.

Set-Up Alerts & Notifications to stay on top of risks and opportunities.

Enjoy integrations with Slack, Email, and other tools to notify the team when decline to bad health or any changes are detected.


Engage with the right person, at the right time, with the right context.

Filter and analyze groups of accounts or contacts to stay ahead of Customer Behavior with Advanced Segmentation.

Boost your customers’ engagement with automated Workflows triggered by product usage and customer behavior.

Customer Retention | Salesmachine Inc.
alignment and focus

Standardize and measure the performance of your processes.

Reduce the time it takes to understand which customers are at-risk with automated Calls-to-Action

Build best practice automated Playbooks to make renewals more efficient and consistent across your team and act proactively when a churn risk is detected before it’s too late.

Enhance team’s alignment around accounts and contact health, communications, actions and support tickets with the Unified Inbox.