Sharpen your eye to increase your expansion revenues at scale

Detect potential for up-sells and cross-sells with the outmost accuracy and reach out to that right customer with the right context.

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Customer expansion | Salesmachine Inc.

Account expansion is providing the added value your customer actually needs.

Drive revenue growth by transforming expansion opportunities at the time they come up. Salesmachine will sharpen your eye to ensure you detect the customers that need that extra value provided by an up-sell or a cross-sell based on customer behavior and action what is needed to close the deal – so that you’ll keep customers satisfied and no revenue potential unattended.

Customer expansion | Salesmachine Inc.

Don't let additional revenues swim past you.

Surface the best opportunities for Expansion in your customer base.

Identify patterns of Product Usage and Customer Behavior to enhance your focus.

Facilitate your actions by leveraging this knowledge using Advanced Segmentation across your entire customer journey.


Increase your team's alignment and collaboration

Keep your revenue team aligned on opportunities detection and transformation using the Unified Inbox, the CSM’s knowledge center.

Reduce the time it takes to pull out expansion opportunities with automated Calls-to-Action.

Build best practice automated Playbooks to make up-sell and cross-sell more efficient and consistent across your team.

alignment and focus
Customer expansion | Salesmachine Inc.

Scale your Expansion strategies.

Reconcile Personalization & Scalability by leveraging Adoption Scores and Customer Behavior to better explore expansion opportunities and target bespoke campaigns related to Product Usage trends.

Dramatically Increase your Expansion revenues using automated Workflows for your bespoke target campaigns to reach out to the right customers, at scale.