Power your customer success strategies with visible objective data

Shed light on your customers behavior and real-time product usage to bring them true value and power your product-led growth.

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Customer behavior | Salesmachine Inc.

Stop data blindness be the reason of your customers' disengagement.

Show your customer your care by basing your strategies and actions on their experience. Salesmachine pulls out all your customers’ essential data to process metrics and scores that reflect with accuracy your customer’s usage and behaviors.

Customer behavior | Salesmachine Inc.

Know with precision where your customers stand and where they are headed.

Visualize key product usage metrics in all-in-one-place SaaS Dashboards and within 360° account and contact profiles.

Identify patterns of Product Usage and Customer Behavior to enhance your focus.


Build and adapt your strategies around what works best.

Use Reports to create your best practice catalogue to increase your team’s efficiency.

Facilitate your actions by leveraging this knowledge using Advanced Segmentation across your entire customer journey.

Customer behavior | Salesmachine Inc.