Boost your team's alignment and collaboration to scale your customer success

Product-led growth is the teams' common goal. Access customer knowledge and action your strategies all-in-one place

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Customer Alignment | Salesmachine Inc.

A command center for your customer success

Boost your team’s alignment and collaboration to maximize your team’s impact. Salesmachine provides access to customer knowledge all in place and allows teams to action their strategies from a unified customer success command center.

alignment and focus

Get your actions in line with your customers needs.

Visualize key product usage metrics in all-in-one-place SaaS Dashboards and within 360° account and contact profiles.

Use Playbooks to automatically trigger tasks assignments to you or other team members based on Customers Behavior.


Unleash the power of customer centricity accross the team and the organization.

Use the Unified Inbox to collaborate cross-functionally across pre and post-sale teams to ensure customers reach their desired outcomes.

Customer Alignment | Salesmachine Inc.