Manage customer churn. Win customers back.

Learn why your customers cancel, calculate lost revenue by cancellation reason, and automate actions to win customers back.



Your team are poorly reacting to customer churn due to lack of data.



Your team has a complete overview of why customers churn.


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Churn reasons

Understand why customers churn

Which missing features are driving the most revenue churn? How do bugs impact your churn? What's the impact of these new competitors on your business? Selesmachine's churn module can answer all these questions!

Churn reasons


Understand the impact of churn of your business

Track your logo churn and revenue churn over time by any relevant data. Compare churn rate by period to demonstrate that your efforts are delivering results!



Identify churn pattern with segments

Segment churned customers by plan, product engagement, support tickets and any relevant data to analyze how to prevent churn.



Standardize success processes to win customers back

Define actions like follow up emails based on the reason for cancellation. Offer disconts to win them back, schedule phone calls and send personalized messages so you learn even more about your churn.


Salesmachine is a next-gen customer platform

Product usage became the most important metric for customer centric companies.
Your revenue teams needs a new kind of platform to leverage it.

Product Usage

Unlike classic CRM, Salesmachine is built on top a dynamic data platform. It means that it can process and leverage live customer data like customer’s actions, pageviews and dynamic fields connected to your database.


The time when the decision was made by one key contact is over. All end-users within the account are your customers. Salesmachine helps you have a 360° view of the account level like never before.

Built for Automation

Salesmachine Data Platform enables your revenue teams to orchestrate exceptional interactions based on product usage and dynamic information.

Specialized for SaaS

Salesmachine Modules allows you to implement industry best practices out of the box to grow your B2B subscription business.

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