At Salesmachine, our core business is customer success. It’s what our software does. It’s what we believe the future of SaaS is. But having the best Customer Success software in the world doesn’t exempt you from having to hire a Customer Success Manager. Our clients frequently ask us how to choose the best Customer Success Manager and how to describe his/her role, so we’ve come up with the ultimate job offer.

Dear future customer success manager,

As you must know, we value our customers immensely, and consider their success our top priority. We don’t want them just to be happy. We want them to be successful using our product. To achieve their desired outcome. To really gain value from our product. After all, 80% or our future revenue lie in existing customers.

To align our acts with our words, we’ve decided to hire a top-class Customer Success Manager: you.

If you take up the challenge, you will be responsible for:

Onboarding: helping our users discover our product smoothly and giving them the best conditions to achieve their goal. This implies organizing product demo, sending a series of emails including tutorials, how tos…, setting up a product discovery tour inside the app….

Expanding: ensuring our customers always achieve their desired outcome using our product, however it evolves over time. You will not only answer their questions and inquiries (like a customer support manager would do), but also anticipate their needs and be there just before they need it.

Retaining: monitoring our customers’ activity and running the adequate playbooks (in particular if a client is dropping out).

Renewal and upselling: I know what you may think, selling is for sales people. But who knows our customers better than you? Who knows their needs, desires and functioning? Who can better advise them (I’m not saying selling anything at any price)? You, of course.

In order to fulfill your role as we pictured it — and even exceed our expectations –, you must be selflessly and truly dedicated to our customers. You should always have their best interest at heart. Obviously, you’ll need some top-notch organization qualities in order to handle and prioritize the diverse tasks you’ll be responsible for. We want you analytical yet a good communicator. You’ll need some patience and empathy, a pinch of creativity, a touch of curiosity, some interest in self-training and dash of autonomy.

Have you recognized yourself in this description? If so, please come and talk to us, we already want you.