You may have noticed that we were a little quiet these past few months. That’s because we were working on the new Salesmachine… and it’s here! There is now everything you need in one single place to onboard, convert, and retain your customers. Smarter automation, new analytics dashboards, more reporting, new UI… and a lot of exciting updates are coming soon!

Introducing Workflows: Customer Engagement finally built for B2B businesses

Playbooks allow you to define customer success processes for your team. Today, we are adding Workflows, the new way to automate actions based on customer behavior in order to effortlessly grow and retain your customers. You can find both workflows and playbooks under the new tab “Automation”:

  • Create a playbook to define a team process (ex: Enterprise onboarding)
  • Create a workflow to automate messages and actions (ex: Small customers nurturing)

While Marketing automation pieces of software have been built to acquire new customers, Salesmachine automation is dedicated to nurturing existing customers.

We are bringing B2B customer engagement to the next level, by building a solution that truly increases conversion and retention.

Here’s how we do it:

An account-based trigger makes automation more accurate

Salesmachine monitors usage at both contact and account level, allowing you to trigger actions based on the status of the account and not only end-users. Example: Trigger actions when license utilization has dropped under 60%, when there was no account session of any contact of the account for the past 2 weeks, etc.

Target specific contacts within the account

All contacts within an account don’t have the same goal or role, so stop sending the same messages to everyone. With Salesmachine’s workflows, you can send targeted messages to specific contacts based on their role, permissions or behavior. For example, you can now send important emails to admins only or send nurturing drip campaigns to contacts who didn’t do use a feature within the account after they completed a training session.

More personal and targeted converts better

Send emails and messages from the dedicated CSM’s email address to turn cold emails into warm and personal messages. Use contact and account tags to make it super contextual.

Coordinate actions across channels, teams, and tools

Go beyond email. You may want to coordinate emails with in-app messages and even sales actions. With Salesmachine, you can create sequences of actions in one single workflow. The next actions we are going to release are: sending Intercom message, creating a task in Hubspot / Pipedrive / Salesforce, and more to come! You can already use webhook actions and create over 200 actions via Zapier.

Dead simple to set up

You may be able to automate actions with your marketing automation software, but it will take you months of implementation and tweaks using complex and expensive data platform to make it work. Is it worth it? For the record, all of these features are included in Salesmachine’s Grow plan ;)

One platform for all your post-signup operations

Salesmachine has been rebuilt to set the basement to orchestrate all your customer interactions to grow your business faster.

  • Health scoring allows you to target at-risk customers, opportunities and key behavior like never before.
  • Automation allows you to orchestrate smarter customer interactions across channels, teams, and tools.
  • Analytics helps you to better understand your customers at the account and contact level.
  • Collaboration allows you to work as a team around a 360° picture of every customer.
  • Data Platform easily collects customer data from any source to create a real-time single source of truth of your customers at the account and contact level.

New features and improvements

New Home page with dashboards

We wanted to allow you to have an overview of all the important metrics about your customers and your customer success strategies in one place.

We’d like to introduce you the new Salesmachine home: visualize the health of your customers, revenue KPIs, usage analytics, team activities, automation ROI and more to come. You will soon be able to add, remove and organize widgets in your dashboards, stay tuned!

New reports

Activities and tasks: Reveal the productivity of your team with these 2 reports: how many activities have been performed by your team? How many tasks have been created and completed?

Automation reports: Measure the performance of your workflows and playbooks over time and evaluate the average time to complete them.

Total events: Understand feature usage: how many times a feature has been used in the last 30 days? Compare feature adoption by portfolio to measure individual customer success performance.

Playbooks improvement

Gmail task email: Create a task with a pre-defined email, so you just have to click to send the email from your Gmail. You will soon be able to edit the email before to send it.

Task types: You can now define types of tasks (call, meeting, email) and add notes to them.

More stats and reports: You can also measure the number of accounts and contacts that triggered the playbooks and the performance of every portfolio. Ex: How many onboardings has Emma completed this month? What was the completion rate? How long does she take to complete playbooks on average?

Logs: You have now more information to debug and analyze your playbooks.

New UI and navigation

We’ve introduced a new top bar and merged Stages, Segments, Alerts under the same “Customers” tab.

⚡️Try Salesmachine now!