You were already in love with Intercom’s amazing messaging platform? You’re going to be crazy about our new Salesmachine x Intercom integration! It will turn your Intercom into a Customer Success platform, and supercharge your customer success team to better reach your users 😍.

Do you want more? Here are 4 benefits of the Intercom x Salesmachine integration.

#1 Turn your Intercom data into success metrics

Wouldn’t you like to know how your customer base is doing? Whether your MRR is at risk or not? The warnings of customers about to churn? Luckily, this information is at hand with Intercom, you just needed a little help to visualize it.

With the Intercom x Salesmachine integration, all the attributes you defined and the events performed by your users can turn into success metrics, to help you visualize what’s going on for a specific user, an account or your whole customer base.

For instance you can see:

  • Health score: is my customer at risk?
  • Lifecycle stage: how mature is my customer in the customer journey?
  • License utilization: how many paid seats are actually used?
  • Pulse: the subjective level of risk of your CSM or account manager
  • The overall activity: is the key feature usage dropping?
  • and much more…

#2 Better target and personalize your messages within Intercom

Thanks to these success metrics, you can now better target your users based on their health score, their stage, their behavior, their MRR… Define your messaging rules and automatize what can be. Your messages are more personalized, hence more efficient.

#3 Get more context while chatting with your customers

You can also leverage these success metrics to get more context when you’re chatting with a customer. All success metrics are directly displayed inside your Intercom, no need to open another tool.

#4 Proactively manage high-value customers with Customer Success Playbooks and shared tasks

Instead of managing your customer base reactively, you can leverage all the data they’re generating to proactively contact them when they need attention. Define Customer Success playbooks for your high-value customers directly on Salesmachine.

For instance, you can create playbook to manage onboarding, customers at risk, renewal, upsell candidates and more.

Finally, you can monitor the impact of Customer Success on your MRR and adjust your CS strategy inside Salesmachine.

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