Free trials are one of the most effective tools that SaaS providers have for converting new customers, but companies are missing the real opportunity when they fail to identify and re-engage the users least likely to convert.

Using NPS surveys, companies can get feedback from users whose trials have expired, and then based on the results, they can generate targeted actions to follow the health of those relationships and ultimately generate higher conversion rates at the end of their trial periods.

The moment a user signs up for a free trial in a SaaS solution, a coordinated effort should be set into motion as the company collects key information and evaluates the likelihood for a conversion. Tools like SatisMeter can be used to make this process seamless by automatically collecting feedback using NPS and then funneling the results of in-app surveys back to a solution like Salesmachine in real-time.

Send a NPS with Satismeter

When you track the attributes of a healthy trial period, it’s easy to recognize users who are unlikely to convert. As the free trial period comes to an end for these users, send a Net Promoter Score survey by email or in-app.

  • Collect customer feedback in your app

Install a solution like SatisMeter in your mobile or web app for the highest response rates. You can segment customers based on attributes and events, and then create workflows that target certain groups of users with in-app surveys 14 days after sign-up.

  • Or by email

Automatically send a survey via email to users who don’t respond to in-app messaging. A best practice is to send the follow-up email three days after the last connection.

  • Get notified on Slack when you get a new NPS!

Don’t drop the ball once you’ve gotten a new NPS. Integrating with a team collaboration tool like Slack will ensure you never miss a customer’s feedback and you’ll be ready to send a response at the right time. You’ll also be able to share the results of surveys with colleagues and use them to identify issues that need to be solved.

Find NPS in your users profile on Salesmachine

The beauty of a real-time customer scoring platform like Salesmachine is that all the data points you need to define strategic workflows are available in one place.

For example, you can click on a user’s profile to find an NPS score, along with any comments the user included with his or her survey. You’ll also be able to see all activities for the account or contact, including the number of sessions and number of campaigns sent.

Adapt your reaction

With Salesmachine, you can create workflows to adapt your reaction based on fresh data, like the NPS score. Here’s a good example of how you might respond based on a user’s score:


  • 0 to 5: Send email with survey to get more feedback
  • 5 to 7: Send email to extend trial for 14 days
  • 7 to 10: Send email to offer 30% discount for 3 months

Personalized messaging and targeted actions are the keys to higher conversion rates. With so many moving parts in a system like this, it’s important to utilize platforms that can serve as hubs and connect key information from siloed systems.

Try to piece together a workflow this detailed without using a platform like Salesmachine, and you’ll almost certainly drop the ball.

Enjoy your new conversion rate! 😀