Sales to Customer Success handoff: how to nail it

About SaaS

The companies that offer the best product experiences know that customer feedback is their greatest source of inspiration. They take a product-led approach —putting the voice of the customer at the heart of their development process to ensure what they’re building can effectively solve real-life challenges.

With the advent of PLG, a question arises among the SaaS world. What’s to happen to the sales teams

The high-touch/low-touch/tech-touch customer success model is antiquated. Get over it with Product-Led Customer Success.

About Customer Success

Acquiring new customers is essential, but if many of them leave, your business will never grow. To act proactively & take care of your existing customer base, the first step is to assess the health of your customers.

How to map your customer lifecycle to proactively drive success The very simple idea behind Customer Success is to help your customers achieve their desired outcomes using your product. And to do that, you need to know which customer needs your help, and for what. The very simple idea behind Customer Success is to help […]

Churn analysis enables companies to understand the reasons behind the loss of a customer and empowers them with the knowledge to both anticipate future churns and action the right win-back strategies.

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A pioneer solution that provides growth-essential metrics and account-based analytics to all SaaS, for free.

Every SaaS is different and success does not mean the same for every company. While pulling metrics and scores that are relevant for all SaaS businesses, Salesmachine helps you create your own set of success metrics.

From our new take on modules, to integrations, new features and developer-designed products...looking back at last year’s many product updates attest of this dedication to the product. Check out below what we did for you in 2020.