About Salesmachine

Empowering product-led teams

Salesmachine is the first Product-led Customer Management Platform.

We are dedicated to empowering all product-led teams with actionable product analytics and automation to succeed at scale.

Salesmachine unified platform centralizes this essential knowledge and provides the tools to engage with the right user at the right time with the right context.

As a result, we help maximize customer conversion and product adoption – and prevent churn.

About Us | Salesmachine Inc.
About Us | Salesmachine Inc.

a historically remote company

At Salesmachine we strongly believe that independence and autonomous work is the key to success.

Salesmachine’s teams work remotely, from all over the world.

At Salesmachine, the benefits of this remote work dynamic are numerous.

Work-life balance can be vastly improved and their productivity will quite probably reflect that.

When working from home, you’ll have the opportunity to focus on your well-being and work responsibilities with less stress in a more flexible atmosphere helping improve performance.


About Us | Salesmachine Inc.

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